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Mortgage Investment


Visuals, Prototyping, design thinking


3 months


47 Billion

Details has been modified to protect client's interests.
Image by Ashley Whitlatch
Investor dashboard – 22.png


This product aimed to help investors, Mortgage Admin and broker in mortgage investment industry. This project was for an Canadian client. As the sole designer, my responsibility were identifying the opportunities, ideation and visual design. 

Image by Breno Assis


The mortgage industry has made significant progress in digitalization, but certain aspects still rely on traditional processes. Online applications and document submission have become common, but other stages of securing a mortgage loan investment may involve manual steps. 


The product aimed to empower investors, mortgage administrators, and brokers with a user-friendly platform that promotes transparency, improves collaboration, and reduces the time and effort required to secure mortgage investments. This digital solution sought to simplify and expedite tasks such as document management, communication, and decision-making, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the negotiation process.

Design Sprint

We conducted design sprints in collaboration with the client to define the product's goals and understand the roles and interactions of various stakeholders within the mortgage investment industry. Through these sprints, we identified the specific objectives of the product and gained insights into the needs and expectations of investors, mortgage administrators, and brokers. The design sprints fostered a collaborative environment where we gathered feedback and refined our understanding of stakeholders' goals. This iterative process ensured that the final product effectively addressed their challenges, streamlined workflows, and improved their overall experience in the mortgage investment industry.

OpenLend - Frame 1.jpg

We identified the following roles and their goals.

Web 1920 – 2.png

Information Architecture

We developed the information architecture for the mortgage product with a focus on usability and clarity. Through thorough analysis of user needs and business requirements, we created an intuitive structure for the product's content and functionality.

Slide 16_9 - 1.jpg

This is Information architecture for Mortgage Admin.

Low fidelity wireframes


Style Guide

A Blue color theme is chosen for a real estate website because it conveys a sense of harmony, growth, and renewal, which are all essential qualities that homeowners and homebuyers value.

Investor dashboard – 20.png
Gradient Background

Hi Fidelity

The design language is characterized by clean and modern aesthetics, employing bold typography, vibrant colors, and high-quality imagery. It combines simplicity with a sense of adventure, evoking a welcoming and immersive atmosphere that aligns with their brand identity.

Dashboard2 – 15.png
Investor dashboard – 22.png

Opportunity Listing

Opportunities are properties which are listed. The layout features an organized grid-style display of properties, accompanied by intuitive filter options for users to refine their search criteria. The design prioritizes visual elements, such as high-quality property images and brief descriptions, to provide users with a quick overview of each listing. Convenient filter options are available, allowing users to refine their search based on specific criteria such as location, price, GDS, and TDS.

Investor dashboard – 15.png

Opportunity details

The Opportunity detail page is designed with a focus on the "Create Offer" section, which remains fixed even while scrolling, ensuring its prominent visibility to Investors. A concise summary of the property is displayed below the image, providing a quick and informative overview. Tabs are incorporated to allow users to effortlessly navigate to different sections, enabling them to access detailed information about the property, including its location, applicants and opportunity details.

Investor dashboard – 2.png


We identified the KPIs with the client. The dashboard allows users to personalize their view and easily track important metrics, such as Investment trend, proposals, and revenue. The seamless integration of data visualization and real-time updates empowers users to make informed decisions and stay on top of their investment portfolio effortlessly. 

Investor dashboard – 21.png


In this screen all the opportunities where proposal is placed has been displayed.

Investor dashboard – 8.png

Proposal Detail

The chat feature on Proposal detail screen enables users to engage in conversations and negotiate directly, fostering seamless communication throughout the negotiation process. Users can access a comprehensive summary of the opportunity, including relevant details and offer history, which serves as a valuable resource for informed decision-making during negotiations. This feature empowers users to effectively collaborate, discuss terms, and ultimately reach mutually beneficial agreements within the platform.

Investor dashboard – 10.png

Counter Offer

The users can counter offer within the chat.

Blurry Blue

Mobile screen 

Responsible screens for mobile were also designed.

Investor dashboard – 11.png
Investor dashboard – 16.png
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