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4 months


47 Billion

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Details has been modified to protect client's interests.
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Enymart is a B2B ecommerce website. They specializes in logistics management and escrow services. The objective of this project was to develop a super admin portal that enables comprehensive management of the ecommerce website, offering administrators extensive control and monitoring capabilities. The portal empowers administrators to oversee logistics operations, handle escrow management, and effectively manage various aspects of the marketplace.

Design Sprint

During the design sprints conducted in collaboration with the client, we focused on understanding the different admin roles and their specific needs within the super admin portal. These design sprints allowed us to gather insights and feedback from various departments, including logistics, sales, and accounts, to ensure that the features we develop align with their goals.



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We audited the current super admin panel. These were the following findings.

  • Cluttered navigation

  • Complex workflows

  • Lack of clear information architecture

  • Selected tab wasn't highlighted

  • Primary actions are not highlighted

  • Lack of information hierarchy

Information Architecture

We developed the information architecture for the mortgage product with a focus on usability and clarity. Through thorough analysis of user needs and business requirements, we created an intuitive structure for the product's content and functionality.


Low fidelity wireframes

wireframe .png

Style Guide

The portal follows a clean and organized layout, with a focus on functionality and ease of use. Elements are strategically arranged to ensure clarity and logical grouping, allowing the super admin to navigate and access information effortlessly. The super admin portal embraces a minimalistic approach. Unnecessary elements are avoided, resulting in a clutter-free interface that enhances the user's ability to focus on essential tasks and information.

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Candy Cotton

Hi Fidelity

The design vision is to create a user-centric, intuitive, and visually appealing platform for the super admin to efficiently manage and oversee ecommerce operations. It focuses on streamlined workflows and intuitive navigation to enhance productivity and ease of use.


Dashboard- Super admin

The super admin's main goal is to have centralized control and oversight of the entire ecommerce website. The dashboard starts with a high-level summary of the ecommerce website's performance, including key metrics such as total sales, number of orders, active users, and revenue. This provides the super admin with an instant snapshot of the website's overall health and performance.


Dashboard- Sales team


Dashboard- Accounts

Orders- Ordered.png


Orders section allows the super admin to efficiently manage the entire order lifecycle, from initial placement to fulfillment and beyond. It provides an overview of pending, processed, and shipped orders, and allows the super admin to search for specific orders, update order status. The Order id and the status will be static and the rest of the information will be scrollable. This will allow the user to easily to understand the data. 

Orders- Ordered1.png

Order Details

The user can easily obtain an overview of orders by reviewing the summary section, which remains prominently displayed and static, emphasizing its importance. This design choice ensures that the user can quickly access key information such as buyer name, order status, and payment status without the need for excessive scrolling or navigation. They can also update the status with ease.

Bidding orders - Offers 1-3.png


This screen displays offers and demands with their bidding information.

Bidding orders - Offers 3-3.png

Bidding Details

In this section, all bids related to a specific offer or demand are displayed. When the user clicks on a bid, it expands to reveal additional information about the bidding history. This design approach allows the user to easily browse and review the various bids associated with the offer or demand. By expanding a bid, the user gains access to a detailed view that provides a comprehensive bidding history, including timestamps, bidder names, bid amounts, and any relevant notes or comments.

app ui-1.png

Application Ui

The design of this section focuses on providing a user-friendly interface that enables the admin to easily navigate and perform essential tasks such as creating and editing campaigns, setting discount parameters, and specifying privacy settings.



The invoice section within the admin portal provides a comprehensive overview and management of invoices generated for orders placed on the ecommerce website. This section allows the admin to handle the invoicing process efficiently and maintain accurate financial records.


Invoice details

The design of the invoice details page focuses on providing a structured layout that enables the admin to access and comprehend essential information related to the order, seller and buyer payments, and the invoice itself.

Additionally, arrow buttons are available to allow the admin to navigate between different orders quickly. By clicking on these buttons, the admin can effortlessly move forward or backward, accessing the invoice details of other orders as needed. This feature streamlines the workflow and improves efficiency when managing multiple orders.

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