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Real Estate

Visual Design 


 Visuals, Prototyping, design thinking


4 months

Image by Stephan Bechert
Details has been modified to protect client's interests.


This product is for real estate industry. I was responsible for designing the entire design system of this product. This product aims to list property details and connect people in the industry. I worked on entire product from low fidelity wireframing to high fidelity wireframes. 

Investor dashboard – 19.jpg

Low fidelity wireframes


Style Guide

A green color theme is chosen for a real estate website because it conveys a sense of harmony, growth, and renewal, which are all essential qualities that homeowners and homebuyers value.

Investor dashboard – 20.jpg

Hi Fidelity

Investor dashboard – 13.jpg
Investor dashboard – 17.png
Investor dashboard – 15.jpg
Investor dashboard – 18.jpg
Investor dashboard – 8.jpg
Investor dashboard – 2.jpg
Investor dashboard – 16.jpg
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